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Server files


Interlude Clean T0 Client

L2RIP Interlude Client (with L2RIP System)

L2RIP Interlude Client [#Mirror 1]

L2RIP Interlude Client [#Mirror 1]

System Patch

L2RIP V2.8 SYSTEM PATCH [#Mirror 1]

L2RIP V2.8 SYSTEM PATCH [#Mirror 2]

L2RIP V2.8 SYSTEM PATCH [#Mirror 3]


System Patch+L2RIP Unique Interface

L2RIP V2.8 Interface SYSTEM PATCH [#Mirror 1]

L2RIP V2.8 Interface SYSTEM PATCH [#Mirror 2]

L2RIP V2.8 Interface SYSTEM PATCH [#Mirror 3]



Open your Lineage II directory and delete old system folder.
Open the patch folder with WinRAR and extract it to your Lineage II directory.
Go to the Lineage II / system folder and run L2.Exe - you game will start.



* If you have error when opening server's patch, please download lastest WinRar and install it (after uninstall old WinRar)

If you will experience any difficulties, please follow these steps and update your files:


*Make sure that you already closed all open programs


*Disable or Remove current Antivirus/Firewall


*Add system folder to Firewall exceptions list


*Put L2 to trusted applications


** If these won't help you, try Re-Install Lineage II


**** If you still have any issues or concerns, please contact us! L2RIP GM TEAM is here to help you!

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