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Team / feed in pvp

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  • This clan, and others are feeding in pvp or teaming.


    I've provided screenshots below of few culprits: Cebrail , LineageIIOwnage and GkhnReiS (same clan)


    1.png 2.png 3.png 4.png5.png


    as you can see, they team up to kill you, then they farm mobs waiting for next person...whilst i was dead they teamed up on someone again, then continued farming.... eventually when they're really low they'll kill each other to prevent others gaining pvp coin/adena.
    last screenshot shows two of them chasing me (they chased me for about 20 seconds), never hitting each other even though they were closer targets and im full hp (having just respawned).

    Cebrail and his turkish clan do this on a regular basis.

    Please take action.

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