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Gameserver: Online

Server description


Server Rates

Adena: 500x
XP: 1000x
SP: 1000x
Drop: 10x
Party XP Rates: 2x
Party SP Rates: 2x
Starting Character Level: 19 Lvl

Enchant Rates

Safe Enchant: +4
Max Enchant: +18
Normal Scrolls: (Maximum Enchant +15) : 70%
Blessed Scrolls: (Maximum Enchant +15) : 90%
Crystal Scrolls: (Maximum Enchant +18) : 40%

Augmentation system

Top Life Stone Rate: 20% from (RaidBoss / Event / Vote)
High Life Stone Rate: 12% from (RaidBoss / Event / Vote)
Mid Life Stone Rate: 7% from (RaidBoss / Event / Vote / Farm)
Augments: 1 Active + 1 Passive at a time

General Information

Chronicle: Interlude [ aka C6 T0 ]
NO CUSTOM PVP (ONLY Tattoo Gives +500 HP/CP Bonus ]
Main Towns - Adena, Schuttgart, Giran
Castle Sieges Every Weekend [ Aden, Schuttgart, Giran ]
Castle Siege Duration 2 hours
Giran, Schuttgart Siege Starts Every Saturday 15:00 GMT+3. Adena Starts 15:00 GMT +3 on Sunday. The Skill Takes 3 Minutes to Cast.
Full NPC Buffer + Premmium Buffs for Vote Items or Donation Tokens
Buff Time 2hours
Max Buff Slot 60
Farm Zones [ Safe Zone / Farm 1 / Farm 2 / Party Zone 1 / Party Zone 2 ]
Mass PvP Zone Changing Every 1 Hour With 5 Different Maps
Special Raid Boss Zones [ 5 Random RB with Drop Raid Stones ]
Pre-Worked Economy System
Max Subclasses 5 [ Free Subclass & Free Proffesion ]
Noobless Status Gained From Barakiel or Adena
Stable Platform
Constantly Evolving Classes Balance
Flawless Geodata & Pathnodes
Anti Heavy System
No Grade/Weight Limit
Online Password Change
Alt+B Community Board with 10 TOP PvP/PK, Buffs, Teleport
Stuckable Lifestones, Book of Giants, Scrolls on Inventory
Offline Trade System
Shops till Top S-Grade
S-Grade for Adena
Unique Vote Machine [ MASS + INDIVIDUAL ]
PVP/PK COLORS Every 500 [ 500 1000 1500,, etc ]
TVT, CTF, DM Events by 2 Commands [ .join .leave ]
Quiz Event De-lay [ 60 ] minutes
Casino Event Working [ 24/7 ]
Server Restart Daily Every Morning 05:00 AM +3 GMT
L2RIP Protected by SmartGuard
Unique Gameplay
More FEATURES you will see INgame!

Olympiad game

Olympiad Style: Retail, Fully Working. L2RIP still working on it to make good balance for Olympiad Players
Competition Period: 1 Week
Olympiad Time: Olympiad Starts 17:00 +3 GMT Ends 00:00 +3 GMT.
Heroes: Heroes Every Sunday After Olympiad Ends
Olympiad Rankings: The Rankings Update Every 5 Minutes When the Olympiad Runs
Skills re-use: After Every Fight All Skills Get Re-used Automatically
Feeding/Observe: Class-Based Games Are Disabled to Avoid Feeding. Tie Fight 1/3 PTS. Observe Mode Available

Voiced commands

.online - Current Online Players Count also max ppl record command
.repair - Repairs Stuck Character In World
.menu - Opens The Main Character Menu
.vote - Opens Vote Panel In Every Place
.check - Opens Captcha Panel
.info - Information About Server And Character
.exit - Offline Trade Shop System
.password - Easy Way To Change A Password
alt+b - Communities Board IN-GAME

Account panel

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